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Thanks to the innovative design and technology of the Takuma Efoils, efoiling is accessible to almost everyone.

 We don’t recommend the use of the efoil under the age of 18. For the Cruising 2 the weight limit to achieve flight is up to 100kg For the Carver 2 the weight limit to achieve flight is up to 90kg. This also depends on skill level and experience.

The top end speed of the Cruising 2 and the Carver 2 is up to 30 km/h, however this can vary depending on your weight, skills and conditions you ride in.

It depends on the foil, the board, the battery, level and weight of the foiler. Some examples Cruising 2 (25Ah Battery) - 80kg = 45-50 minutes

Cruising 2 Jet (35Ah Battery) - 80kg = 80-90 minutes 

Carver 2 (35Ah Battery) - 80kg = 80-90 minutes

The charging time: 

35A approx 4hrs 45mins 

25A approx 3hrs 30mins

Weight Cruising 2: 

approx. 26.6kg without battery 

approx. 37kg with 25A battery 

Weight Carver 2: 

approx. 21.5kg without battery 

approx. 34kg with 35A battery

Of course it is tempting to go play in the waves, but the Efoil was not designed for it. Remember that surfers, swimmers and divers could be in the waves! TAKUMA proposes a full range of boards and foils designed and dedicated to wave foiling.

1) Place the board on your back and the mast on your shoulder (the battery out of the board, in your hand). 

2) Place your efoil on a surf or SUP trailer. 

3) Carry it with another person, one at the front and the other at the back, or one on each side of the board.

Currently we have 2 efoil models. The Cruising 2 Jet and the Carver 2.

When the remote control and ESC have been paired, the ESC light turns blue. You can close the upper part of the board. If the ESC light remains red, this means that the remote control cannot connect to the board. The barred wifi symbol is displayed in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Try to pair again.

Press the Power button + the Boost button at the same time for 4 seconds. The remote will reset. You can then pair your ESC and Remote.

If your ESC disconnects on water : Remote is under water = The security system will be on, and will cut the signal between ESC & Remote If you are positioned too far back on the board before start. The top cover (hatch) can be underwater. The security system will also turn on and cut the signal between ESC & Remote Control. MAKE SURE TO START YOUR EFOIL WHEN YOU ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BOARD ( on your knees or standing up)

What's my level? In which conditions will I ride? Will I ride often? Is it a board exclusively for me or will I share it with my friends and family? These questions will help you choose the right TAKUMA Efoil. Currently we have 2 models available, the Cruising 2 and the Carver2. 

Cruising 2 Jet: The safest and user-frendliest efoil on the market. Your perfect choice if you are just getting started in efoiling and want to share this fun activity with your friends and family. 

Carver 2: The perfect choice if you already have efoil experience and you want to push your skills to the next level. It’s the first efoil completely dedicated to carving.

When connecting the wires to the ESC and to the battery, make sure they are well plugged in: you should not only connect them, but also screw them in. Make sure you also paired the remote control.

Imagine driving a car on extremely stiff shock absorbers! Or the other way around they would be way too soft... It wouldn't be comfortable, you would lose control. There are very important forces between the water, your foil, your board and you. Our engineers have found the right balance to create masts of the right length, shape and flexibility.

For many of us not in tropical locations or dedicated enough for extensive wetsuit riding, your eFoil might spend more time in storage than the warmer months. Storing and caring for your eFoil battery during periods of inactivity is simple, but important, so review the information below.

Store your eFoil battery in a cool, dry location. 

Allowable Storage Temperature: 0C˚ to 40C˚(14F˚ to 104F˚) 

Ideal Storage Temperature: 5C˚ to 25C˚ (41F˚ to 77F˚) 

Storing the battery below 0C˚ or above 40C˚ will cause irreversible damage to the battery. 

We recommend storing your lithium-ion battery in a fireproof case.

NOTE: We consider anything over four weeks as a ‘long’ period of inactivity. The ideal storage state is at 30-50% of battery charge.

 If stored for a long time (roughly 9 months to several years) without use, the battery can become over-discharged and lose the ability to be charged at all. To prevent this, and to ensure the longest life for your battery, the battery should be plugged into a charger and charged until it reaches 30-50% every 3 months.

To wake up your battery after a long period of inactivity, follow normal charging instructions; there are no special changes after a long period of inactivity. Ensure you follow the correct sequence when connecting your battery to the charger and wall outlet. First connect the charging data cable, then the cam-lock, and then plug the charger into the wall. Be sure to review the User Manual for all the information on your eFoil battery maintenance, charging, storage, and safety.

No. Our engines are intentionally designed to operate under legal requirements for a licence and registration within the EU and Switzerland. Making it for now the only efoil on the market that can be used without a licence. 

However, we still recommend that you check your local laws and regulations.

It is highly recommended that you wear appropriate safety gear when efoiling, including a lifejacket and helmet.

The Efoil Academy is an initiative launched by Cyril Baize to unify the learning process and guidelines of efoiling globally. So far it’s 6 schools that participate in


Our Kujira foils are unique in their tubercle design, which is inspired by the humpback whales’ pectoral fin. The tubercle design improves hydrodynamics and lift and allows for an easier take-off, more manoeuvrability and easier control.

All our Kujiras have a full carbon construction.

Our Kujira Helium foils have a carbon composite construction with a lightweight helium foam core.

Choosing the correct foil can be tricky. It usually comes down to your skill, type of riding, weight and personal preference. Here is a short overview with recommendations on how to choose the correct foil.


The ideal placement for allround use is in the middle. 

Further back = More stable, more progressive take off 

Further front = Less stable, more manoeuvrable, straight up take-off (not recommended for beginners)