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Our board range reveals a revolutionary design upgrade in terms of shape and comfort that are without comparison in the market. The balanced distribution of volume makes an astonishing difference giving much more stability on the board. You’ll be able to reduce volume and size significantly compared to what you’re used to riding. We’ve developed the most comfortable boards that can be used for all types of foiling depending on your level, your weight and of course the conditions. They will improve all facets of your riding experience from ease of take-off and control to reactivity, and stability in flight.

Foil boards

Hydrofoil boards: find your surf foil board

Find your ideal hydrofoil board with Takuma. In our online store you can find different models of foil boards. Take a look at our innovative designs, made especially for those who are passionate about foiling or just getting into the sport.

Discover our range of foil boards

Discover our catalog of foil boards, with a design that makes them ideally suited to offer maximum comfort and performance on the water. Enjoy a unique experience thanks to an improved grip and an aerodynamic design. We have different types of foil boards for each user level, allowing you to progressively work your way up depending on your experience and knowledge of this sport.

Hydrofoil surfboards online store

If you're looking for a foil surfboard, in our online store you will find your perfect model. Choose the hydrofoil surfboard model from our online store that best suits your needs. Now you will be able to enjoy the sport that you love most thanks to our foil boards available in our online store.