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Our foil range is unique in its design and performance, using the hydrodynamics to its advantage. There is an enormous improvement in terms of lift, glide, stability and comfort. This remarkable extra lift allows the rider to use a smaller wing with better performance creating exceptionally smooth flight and glide even at low speed.


On our website you will discover the best hydrofoils on the market. The perfect solution for a variety of foiling disciplines: wing foil, surf foil, SUP foil, wake foil and kite foiling. Feel the incredible sensation of flying above the water while you move at high speeds performing impressive movements and tricks. Catch the best waves with the variety of hydrofoils that you can find in our online store.

Foil board

Combine your hydrofoil board with our different accessories to adapt your board as needed. Our foil boards are designed to offer you maximum comfort and the feeling of flying over the ocean thanks to its unique design, balanced volume and innovative deck shape.

Hydrofoil surf

Surf the waves thanks to the hydrofoils that you can find in our online store. Our online store is one of the best ways to learn what hydrofoil surf is. At Takuma, we specialize in all kinds of products so that you can enjoy the unique experience of flying above water.