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The name Kujira is derived from the Japanese word for whale. There is an element of bio-mimicry in the innovation and engineering process of the Kujira foil, as it is fully inspired by humpback whales. The revolutionary tubercle design mimics the pectoral fin of the humpback whale who are known for their agility, power, and efficiency. These whale-like bumps are incorporated in both the front and back wing shapes. There is an enormous improvement in terms of lift, glide, stability, and comfort in the foils. This remarkable extra lift allows the rider to use a smaller wing with better performance creating exceptionally smooth flight and glide even at low speed. Our signature upturned winglets are also found on the Kujira. These winglets give our hydrofoils more efficient glide and lift with significantly less drag resulting in extra comfort for the rider while foiling. All riders can immediately feel the benefits of the Kujira foil, even non-professional foilers. The Kujira is an extremely well-rounded foil for surf and wing foiling but is also perfectly adapted for more advanced level open ocean downwind foiling.