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Foil wings

Kujira foils range deliver a new perception of foiling. Our foils feature a revolutionary design that mimics the pectoral fins of humpback whales. Inspired by nature's own evolution, they result in an innovation in engineering to achieve excellence in terms of performance.
Our innovative foils' tubercle design, which is modeled after the humpback whale's pectoral fin, is noted for its high maneuverability, power, and efficiency, resulting in a significant improvement in board fly comfort, stability, progressive lift, immense glide and hydrodynamics.


Takuma foils combine a mast, a fuselage, a wing set and a top plate.
Our range of Kujira foils is characterized by our signature immense glide, which has made us the reference in foiling equipment in terms of glide performance.
From the Kujira Helium range, our all-around foils, through our signature Kujira range, to our latest release Kujira II: all our foils offer superior performance in terms of pumping, acceleration, drag, smooth take-off and comfort ride.