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Takuma is an innovative watersports company that is 100% Foil focused.

With a deep history rooted in surf, SUP and kite, we have our knowledge and design expertize fully embedded in the industry.

We are
a proud foil brand

We passionately believe that foiling has enormous growth potential and eFoiling is the next evolution to the sport, making it accessible to the many.

Foiling is the unique sensation of flying above water.

Thanks to the electric foil (eFoil), any body of water, anywhere in the world, can be turned into an unexpected and limitless playground.


is extremely engaging for even the most experienced watersports athletes and simply breathtaking for complete beginners.

Prepare yourself for an adrenaline-filled new hobby!

We pride ourselves with the extent of research and quality controlthat goes into delivering our exceptional products that are made to last.

Our ambition

We aim to combine our design expertize with our passion for the sport. Foiling and eFoiling provide us and our families the ultimate sensation of flying above water. We want to share this phenomenon with the world.

Our objective is to make your passion take you further.

Our product range will be sure to shake up your riding experience no matter your specialty.

Our objective
is to make
your passion
take you further


Made up of 4 offices around the world: JAPAN / FRANCE / SPAIN / US

Innovation and product design are at the heart of our daily activity.

We are constantly looking for new technologies and developmentsthat will help us take your riding experience to the next level andcontinue to make massive steps forward for the progress of foiling.