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Takuma eFoils


Premium, most versatile,
all-rounder eFoil.


User friendly, fun
and accessible


Advanced rider
dedicated to carving


Experience the thrill of flying above water with the freedom to ride anywhere, without the need for wind, waves or a boat.

The Takuma eFoil offers a unique experience that cannot be replicated by other watercraft. It was developed to provide an alternative activity on days when there is no wind or waves for water sports enthusiasts.

The Takuma eFoil combines an electric propulsion system, a surfboard, a battery, a remote and a foil.

The eFoil is accessible to anyone, regardless of their experience or skill level in water sports. The design of the Takuma eFoils is made in Japan and is specifically tailored to provide an easy and fun experience for anyone who wants to try it out.

The foil is the key to the eFoil's flight performance. Takuma's unique Kujira foil designs were instrumental in the development of an eFoil that has the ability to fly at low speed without the need for a powerful engine. Takuma eFoils are the only legal eFoils worldwide because they use an engine with power below 4.5 kW. This means that they are safe to use, do not require a boat license and comply with most regulations.


Safest and most user-friendly propulsion on the market.

Thanks to its streamlined shape and the consistent push, the jet propulsion provides you with an incredible gliding experience.



5’10 x 27’’ / 135 L

Premium, most versatile, all-rounder eFoil.

The latest generation of Takuma eFoils technology. State of the art board premium carbon construction for the ultimate efoil experience. The Takuma Vantage is the best board for any level of experience and riding style.

Its balanced size and volume distribution coupled to its hydrodynamic shape provide stability and control to support all type of foilers in any conditions. The extra maneuverability makes it the ideal efoil not only on flat-water but also on swells, bumps and waves. The narrow outline limits the drag during take-off and allows much deeper carves. The Carbon efoil is our most-efficient efoil as it consumes little energy allowing for longer rides. The pre-preg carbon construction delivers superior strength and lightness, and combined with Takuma Lite Battery, it delivers a smooth and fun ride.


6’3” x 30” / 150L

User friendly, fun and accessible

The Cruising is a great option for those looking for a safe, user-friendly, and affordable efoil.

The stability and suitability for all body types make it an excellent choice for family fun and learning to foil.

The product is easy to learn, with low speed control and a smooth and stable takeoff, making it a popular choice for schools, rentals, and centers to teach efoiling.

It's also good to know that the board is low maintenance, with waterproof and detachable parts.

Overall, the Cruising is a reliable and accessible option for those interested in it.


5’3” x 28” / 120L

Advanced rider, dedicated to carving

The Carver eFoil is a great option for those who are looking for a thrilling and sporty foiling experience.

The emphasis on carving and tight turns makes it the ideal choice for more experienced foilers who want to take their skills to the next level.

The gliding experience and similarity to foiling on a prone/wing board also make it a great option for those who want to improve their foiling skills in general.

Overall, the Carver efoil is a great choice for those who are looking for a fun and dynamic foiling experience.



The Gravity-Deck is a deep concave deck that lowers the rider center of gravity and enables perfect foot positioning. The G-Deck allows to keep the front and back foot leveled on the board for better weight distribution and stability, leading to an enhanced connection with the foil.

The concave near the rails provides better control during turns and excellent control of the board in-flight.

No need to adjust foot positioning prior to taking off or during the flight, the G-Deck increases maneuverability and forgiveness during your entire session.


Prominently shaped front end ensures overall stability and makes it forgiving on touchdowns.

The board is less sticking or slowing you down while avoiding nose dives as the board is gently pushed back from the water.


Two prominent concaves extending from the center of the board to the nose which enhance acceleration for early take offs and facilitate easy detachment from the water. Delivers and extremely smooth touch-down and a natural rebound effect that absorbs impact and naturally aligns and stabilizes the board.


V-rail design allows to keep momentum by reducing the drag, prevents the rails from catching the water through turns and stabilizes the board during touchdowns between bumps.

Volume distribution where you need it. More volume is kept on the deck for stability and less volume is touching the surface for forgiveness and efficiency.



The jet propulsion is the perfect solution for preventing any types of injuries, since all the moving parts are safely contained within a tube. With thinner and lighter components, the jet design eliminates drag and delivers an ultra smooth hydrodynamic performance, all while being completely safe to operate.

Compatible with all Kujira wings.


the powerful propeller delivers instant power and adrenaline to your sessions. the extra boost of speed makes take-off easier and combined with a redesigned and more streamlined propeller it enhances your efoiling experience.



The Takuma eFoils and the eTow use an advanced custom battery to power an electric motor in a marine environment.
The Takuma batteries, featuring high-performance cells, are compact, removable, built to last and easy to interchange during sessions.
All our batteries are IPX8 water resistant.
All Takuma batteries are compatible with all generations of the Takuma eFoils and the eTow.


0.864kWh - 43,2 V / IPX8

The 20A battery is our lightest model, reducing the total weight of the eFoil and making transportation more comfortable. The board maneuverability is fully optimized.

Weight: 9,4 kg
Autonomy: up to 45 minutes*


1.08kWh - 43,2 V / IPX8

The 25A battery model is a smart power solution for your daily eFoil sessions. It is the best compromise between weight , autonomy and performance.

Weight : 10,4 kg
Autonomy: up to 60 minutes*


1.512kWh - 43,2 V / IPX8

This model is our most powerful battery, offering the longest autonomy and giving you the opportunity to extend your time on the water.

Weight : 12,4 kg
Autonomy: up to 90 minutes*

*Autonomy can vary depending on conditions, riding style and rider level


A completely intuitive design with a built-in secure waterproof housing.

Safety is our highest priority, that’s why all our remotes come with a double safety feature: an on-off security trigger and an automatic connection cut, once the remote hits the water. The speed is controlled via a speed dial which allows for a gradual speed increase and makes the Takuma remote more efficient than common trigger remotes. The remote is quick to connect and simple to use, helping you feel in control from your very first ride.


Regulates and optimizes the power delivered to the propulsion for efficient performance, maximizing battery life and minimizing heat generation. It also ensures a smooth and gradual speed changes for a comfortable ride.

-high waterproof rating of IPX8
-aluminum alloy combined with reinforced nylon casing
-removable external antenna for a consistent connection
-quick installation and removal for ease of maintenance


With a carbon composite construction and lightweight helium foam core, the Kujira Helium, used on all our eFoils, is the most user-friendly performance foil currently on the market. The Kujira Helium’s medium size and medium aspect ratio fit the full range of riders, from lightweight to heavyweight, it is suited for everyone no matter your size and level.