Takuma Boards


Deep carves in
open ocean swell

Prone / Wing / SUP

Morning Sun

Prone performance
at its finest


CK Carbon

A playful, dynamic
and engaged ride

Wing / eTow


All-round, fun
and forgiving

Wing / eTow

Wing Air

Light, stiff
& practical

Wing / eTow


Our board design philosophy centers around achieving a balanced rider’s weight distribution on the foil.
Through an ideal volume distribution and optimized foot positioning, we apply our design concepts consistently across our entire range to ensure perfect rider body posture while foiling.
The unique shape of our boards reduces the drag for a smooth take-off, offers fantastic turning / carving abilities and allows to reach top-end speed in full control.
The rider get the best feel and control over the foil.

Key features


The Gravity-Deck is a deep concave deck that lowers the rider center of gravity and enables perfect foot positioning.
The G-Deck allows to keep the front and back foot leveled on the board for better weight distribution and stability, leading to an enhanced connection with the foil.
The concave near the rails provides better control during turns and excellent control of the board in-flight.
No need to adjust foot positioning prior to taking off or during the flight, the G-Deck increases maneuverability and forgiveness during your entire session.

Front and back foot leveled on the board.


Two prominent concaves extending from the center of the board to the nose which enhance acceleration for early take offs and facilitate easy detachment from the water.
Delivers and extremely smooth touch-down and a natural rebound effect that absorbs impact and naturally aligns and stabilizes the board.


Prominently shaped front end ensures overall stability and makes it forgiving on touchdowns.
The board is less sticking or slowing you down while avoiding nose dives as the board is gently pushed back from the water.


V-rail design allows to keep momentum by reducing the drag, prevents the rails from catching the water through turns and stabilizes the board during touchdowns between bumps.

Volume distribution where you need it. More volume is kept on the deck for stability and less volume is touching the surface for forgiveness and efficiency.


The cutaway tail reduces the drag and allow a more efficient tail kick to get the board in the air. It offers the perfect platform for getting an instant reaction to pumping.

The flat surface around the US box ensures that the foil is positioned in the right angle.


Integrated Deep handle for easy carrying.
Positioned on the bottom of the board to avoid interfering when foiling.


Strong and robust carbon Foil-Box that can withstand high amounts of pressure. The Box position is optimised to provide maximum trim options while always maintaining perfect balance.

Universal and compatible with most foil brands.


The multiple insert positions enable you to widen the footstraps span for improved trim and control while foiling, as you have the ability to micro-adjust your stance.

The footstrap options cover everything from V-shape to off-centered positions.


Le bouchon de ventilation égalise la pression à l'intérieur de la board. Il permet à l'air d'entrer et de sortir de la planche, tout en empêchant l'eau d'y pénétrer.
Le bouchon est monté en usine et ne nécessite aucun réglage. Ne pas toucher, tordre ou enlever.



All our boards are build-tuff. Their solid construction will ensure long lasting durability.

For an equivalent volume, the weight difference between a carbon board and a bamboo board is actually quite marginal.

We primarily use carbon for maximum stiffness and responsiveness on advanced board: Rise / Morning Sun / CK boards. The sport has evolved. Riders are pushing their limits and require more strength in the construction of their board to fully optimize their surf and land maneuvers.

Bamboo board are strong and impact resistant. The bamboo creates a durable shell which is super comfortable under the feet and resistant in any harsh conditions.

We use bamboo on the BK board, the most accessible, fun and forgiving board in the market.


There is no magic formula, as it all depends on the rider skills, weight or the local conditions, but here is a simple tip :

Wing foil boards
CK, BK boards

*in Kg.

Prone foil boards
Morning Sun board / CK35 / CK50



Deep carves in open ocean swell

Easy pop-up / Fast planing

The unique sleeker outline brings a whole new sensation to your foiling experience. The Rise is dedicated for foil downwind performance, prone paddling and light wind winging. It allows you to connect bumps after bumps in the open ocean for an endless ride and deep carves.
A longer outline combined with its rounded rails, pin tail, concave deck and optimized rocker provides an early take off, efficient pumping and a smooth acceleration for a predictable ride.
Comes in three sizes with perfect volume distribution to ensure riders of all levels can ride and catch downwind swell with ease.


Performance at its finest

A true transformation in prone board

design has been made. Perfecting symmetry and stiffness, this board is fully dedicated to the ultimate prone riding experience.


A playful, dynamic and engaged ride

The CK is a high performance super stiff

carbon board design. With extreme responsiveness and control, the CK Carbon foil board range delivers an astonishing balance of maneuverability, stability and speed. Pulling together our in-depth experience and expertise in foil and wing board designs, we have created the ideal wingfoil board which will suit the most demanding riders’ needs.
They have pure performance at their core yet are forgiving. With a perfectly balanced volume distribution, they are compact, shorter and responsive.
Whatever your riding conditions, the CK range works exceptionally.


All-round, fun and forgiving

The BK is the perfect all-round wing foiling

board to take your wing riding skills to the next level.
Thanks to its bamboo construction, it combines that extra stability and comfort with the perfect amount of performance and agility If you are looking for a more forgiving ride for your sessions, look no further, the BK allows an exceptional wing foiling experience. The BK universal shape fits all levels, from beginners to the most advanced riders. The BK is easy to control, comfortable and versatile.


Light, rigid, practical

A revolution in foil board technology,

unequaled performance for an inflatable board that delivers the same qualities as its rigid counterpart.
The Takuma AIR is quick to inflate, ultra-lightweight and a perfect solution for the space-conscious and frequent travelers out there. The double stringer support combined with the solid carbon foil plate stiffens the entire stance offering an incredibly stable flight.