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Alt Upgrade your eFoil Explore an array of options to enhance performance, style, and functionality, tailored to suit your unique riding preferences.
Alt The emphasis on carving and tight turns makes it the ideal choice for more experienced foilers who want to take their skills to the next level. from 6080 €
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Alt From 6 940 €
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The Takuma Vantage is the best board for any level of experience and riding style. State-of-the-art board premium carbon construction for the ultimate efoil experience.
Alt The stability and suitability for all body types make the eFoil Cruising an excellent choice for family fun and learning to foil. From 6080 €
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Tanji wing

Time to play

The eye-catching Tanji wing is the perfect fit for riders who are looking for playfulness in a wing.Reactive and fast, the Tanji is fun and dynamic to ride.

From 475,30 € 679 € -30%

Alt Performance at its finest.nA true transformation in prone board design has been made. Perfecting symmetry and stiffness, this board is fully dedicated to the ultimate prone riding experience. from 1049 €
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Alt Deep carves in open ocean swell.
The unique sleeker outline brings a whole new sensation to your foiling experience. The Rise is dedicated for foil downwind performance, prone paddling and light wind winging. It allows you to connect bumps after bumps in the open ocean for an endless ride and deep carves. from 1699 €
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Rise board The endless ride
Alt Light, rigid, practical.A revolution in foil board technology, unequaled performance for an inflatable board that delivers the same qualities as its rigid counterpart. from 499€
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Wing Air 999€ -50%

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