Depending on the mode and foiler weight, up to 38km/h .

It depends on the foil, the board, the battery, level and weight of the foiler. Some examples :

Pack ACCESS (35Ah Battery) - 80kg = 80-90 minutes

Pack CRUISING (Batterie 35Ah) - 80kg = 70-80 minutes

Pack CARVER (Batterie 25Ah)- 80kg = 45-50 minutes

Very little, but it is important to do it right!

First of all remember you have an electric motor product, so maintenance and care are needed.

Refer to the How to Ride video :

- What to do before using my efoil

- what to do after using my efoil

- Maintenance required

Of course it is tempting to go play in the waves, but the Efoil was not designed for it. Remember that surfs, swimmers and divers could be in the waves! TAKUMA proposes a full range of boards and foils designed and dedicated to wave foiling.
  1. Place the board on your back and the mast on your shoulder (the battery out of the board, in your hand).
  2. Place your efoil on a surf or SUP trailer.
  3. Carry it with another person, one at the front and the other at the back, or one on each side of the board.
There are 3 models and various options: Efoil ACCESS, Efoil CRUISING, Efoil CARVER

Efoiling is very accessible, which is why it could get dangerous if you don't follow our recommendations.

Also remember that you are on the water, there are basic navigational rules and body of water knowledge : respect others.

Everyone who wants to ride an Efoil must attend a practical lesson at a certified TAKUMA Efoil center before trying to ride alone.

Our team of professionals is here to advise you at contact@takuma.com

There are some basic navigational rules and body of water knowledge : respect others.
  • In the ocean, ride at a low speed (under 5 knots) from the shore without flying, until you get past 300 meters.
  • In rivers and lakes, look up information on local navigation zones and speed limits.
  • You can ride your Efoil in the large majority of countries around the world. Contact local authorities to know the rules.

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When the remote control and ESC have been paired, the ESC light turns blue. You can close the upper part of the board.

If the ESC light remains red, this means that the remote control cannot connect to the board. The barred wifi symbol is displayed in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Try to pair again.

Press the Power button + the Boost button at the same time for 4 seconds. The remote will reset. You can then pair your ESC and Remote .

We have 2 security systems in our remote :
    • Trigger kill switch :

As soon as the trigger is released, the Efoil stops automatically. To restart, you need to put the throttle at zero.

    • Water Switch System

The signal will be cut off when the remote control is in the water. The signal is automatically connected when the remote control is outside the water, but you will need to put the throttle at zero again to restart.

The ideal placement for allround use is in the middle.
  • Further back = More stable, more progressive take off
  • Further front = Less stable, more curving, straight up take off (not recommended for beginners)
  • Set 1 : Repair your remote & ESC
  • Set 2 : Reset then repair your ESC & Remote
If your ESC disconnects on water :
  • - Remote is under water = The security system will be on, and will cut the signal between ESC & Remote
if you are too much on the back of the board before start :

The top cover (hatch) can be underwater. The security system will also turn on and cut the signal between ESC & Remote Control.


What's my level? In which conditions will I ride? Will I ride often? Is it a board exclusively for me or will I share it with my friends and family?

Those questions will help you choose the right TAKUMA Efoil.

There are 3 models and various options: Efoil ACCESS, Efoil CRUISING, Efoil CARVER. Our team of professionals is here to advise you at contact@takuma.com

We propose 3 foil set ups, your choice can be based on your level, your weight, the water conditions in which you’ll ride, how often you’ll ride, what kind of riding you’re looking for.

The heavier you are, the bigger your front wing should be.

On flat water you will easily control a large front wing, on raff water you will feel more comfortable with a smaller front wing.

Our team of professionals is here to advise you at contact@takuma.com

When connecting the wires to the ESC and to the battery, make sure they are well plugged in: you should not only connect them, but also screw them in. Make sure you also paired the remote control

The 6'4 board of your Efoil ACCESS or CRUISING is a Topsheets / Fiberglass / Epoxy/ injected EPS technology.

The 5'3 board of your Efoil CARVER is a Carbon Fiber / Epoxy / EPS technology.

If you have enough knowledge on how to use composites you could do it yourself. Otherwise contact a professional.

Depending on the model it can be a fiberglass board or a carbon board.

Warning: never use polyester resins, never use oil paint. The core of your board is EPS (exclusively Epoxy resins)

Imagine driving a car on extremely stiff shock absorbers! Or the other way around they would be way too soft... It wouldn't be comfortable, you would lose control. There are very important forces between the water, your foil, your board and you. Our engineers have found the right balance to create masts of the right length, shape and flexibility.