Takuma Kujira //

Improved by nature

Pinnacle of performance

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The original Kujira design

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Kujira Helium

A foil for everyone, for all levels,...

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The name Kujira (くじら) is Japanese for whale.
The revolutionary tubercle design of our foils, mimics the pectoral fin of the humpback whale which is known for its agility, power and efficiency.
Resulting in enormous improvement in terms of hydrodynamics, lift, glide, stability and comfort during flight.

Designed in Japan

Takuma has some japanese roots, not only with the name of the brand and some of its products, but also with Takuma's founder and designer, Cyril Coste: together with a part of the R&D and production teams, he is actually based in Japan, where these animals can be seen migrating from and towards northern regions.

Humpback whales are the natural inspiration when in the innovation and engineering process on the Kujira foil, as an element of biomimicry.

In the process of developing the Kujira foil, Takuma made the decision to have a strong commitment to the environment’s protection.

Delivering a new perception
of foiling


The intelligent design allows the Kujira foils to maintain a high level of maneuverability, smooth acceleration, a fast top end speed and effortless pumping, while maintaining great stability.


Delivering exceptional glide and a progressive lift , the kujira foils allow for a smooth and stable take-off. They perform with brilliant reactiveness and even at extremely low speed they deliver a sensational yet forgiving ride.

Pinnacle of performance


Breaks up water contact and reduces resistance resulting in less drag for an increase of speed, agility and sharper turns.


Reduces and redirects the angle of the vortex for less vibration and more stability for a smooth and comfortable ride.

The latest in the KUJIRA family. A true evolution of the original Kujira concept. Everything in the design has been upgraded. The KUJIRA II delivers a high level of maneuverability, acceleration, effortless pumping, while maintaining our signature immense glide.


With a carbon composite construction and lightweight helium foam core, the Kujira Helium is the most cost-effective and user-friendly performance foil currently on the market.
The Kujira Helium’s medium size and medium aspect ratio fit the full range of riders, from lightweight to heavyweight, it is suited for everyone no matter your size and level.


The original Kujira foil featuring the leading edge bumps inspired by the humpback whale. Delivering a new perception of foiling, the Kujira set new standards and became the reference in terms of glide performance.

Introducing the Kujira //



The Kujira (くじら. Japanese for whale) emulates the pectoral fin of a whale.

The tubercles along its edge channels water and divides it into streams. Thus reduces water resistance resulting in less drag and increases speed that allows it to be more agile, stable and to turn at sharper angles.

Innovation is about the intersection of purpose and creativity.

The Kujira line has evolved with the sport. Riders are now more experienced, more skilled, and more demanding. Takuma has put all its passion to come up with an original solution to meet their expectations.

Pinnacle of performance


Breaks up water contact and reduces resistance resulting in less drag for an increase of speed, agility and sharper turns.


Reduces and redirects the angle of the vortex for less vibration and more stability for a smooth and comfortable ride.


Breaks up water contact and reduces resistance resulting in less drag for an increase of speed, agility and sharper turns.


The sloped insert with an increased surface area and a flat connection for a secured fitting. Fasten with M8 for a solid connection. 2 x M8 screws - 650, 800, 950, 1100 3 x M8 screws - 1250, 1400.


Conic shaped insert with a tapered and raised opening for a strong and secure connection. Fastened with 2 x M8 screws.


Curved connection to cup the back wing securely. Fastened with 1 x M8 screws.


The Takuma integrated carbon mast and top plate together with KujiraII, will make an undeniable disruption to the foiling game, and will radically improve your performance and the pure feeling you get from riding.

The Takuma Carbon mast has a new profile redesigned to deliver the perfect efficiency, and maximizes comfort in flight. The refined profile guarantees high rigidity, eliminating flex and drag, working harmoniously with the full range of wing sizes.

The thinner, stiffer profile, decreases frontal resistance and reduces torsion to deliver the smoothest of glides. This in turn increases speed, wing stability and control.

The Kujira range

The full range of wing sizes has been specifically thought for its purpose.
Rather than being homothetic, each front wing and back wing
has been individually designed in combination for its performance.



The Kujira II stabilizers are designed specifically to perform in combination with the front wings for the ideal balanced set up.
Depending on the conditions, foiling disciplines, and riding style, changing the back wing can enhance your ride and bring an entirely different sensation and level of performance.


To extend the range of your set up :
Size down for: stronger conditions, more looseness, more speed, less back foot pressure.
Size up for: lighter conditions, increase power, more stability, more pumping efficiency.

In red, recommended BW size for optimal performance.


Included with the front and back wings.

  • • Strong, water repelling material.
  • • Quick and easy on/off magnetic closure.
  • • Reinforced surrounding webbing and tips.
  • • High density foam padding.
  • • Light, waterproof and easy-clean inner lining.

Everything to get going.

A step by step installation guide for an easy and quick setup of the eTow.

Before using for the first time, the batteries and remote should be charged fully. 
Both, the batteries and the remote control should be charged at last once within 3 months after delivery. The blue battery LEDs and the display of of the remote control allow to monitor the the progression fo the charge.

Takuma recommends the use of 35A batteries for optimum performance of the eTow. 
The battery strap in the hull should be moved to the side when installing the batteries. 
Once the batteries are placed with the battery holder between them, the strap must be locked and fastened to keep the batteries in place. The pins will only connect if the notches are properly aligned. No great force is needed. 
To prevent water entry the connectors must be securely fastened.

The 3 antenna rods should be screwed in gently. The two 2.4gHz rods in the back and the 915mHz rod in the front.

The tow rope and carabiner should be placed at the back of the eTow. 
Takuma recommends a rope diameter of at least 2cm and the rope length can be adjusted as needed, shorter for wavy conditions and longer for free riding sessions.

To turn the battery on, the battery button should be pressed until all 5 LED lights are on. By pressing on the remote power button, the remote will turn on. A finger should be pressing on the power button of the remote until it is paired. The pairing needs to be complete within 1 minute of turning on the eTow or else the process will need to be restarted.

To load the eTow on the trolley, it is recommended to slide it onto the trolley or get assistance from another person to place it directly on top.
 Once the watercraft is placed on the trolley, it should be fastened with the trolley strap and the eTow is good to go. Thanks to the big wheels of the trolley, it can be easily manoeuvred down through the sandy beach, straight to the water. 

Tip: For beach use, the wheels should be deflated to approx. half of the max. PSI.

Want to know more?

Takuma Kujira Helium​

A foil suited for everyone


A foil for everyone,
for all levels,
for all disciplines,
for any conditions

The Kujira Helium is the most versatile performance foil currently available on the market. Upon using it, the first sensation that will strike you the most is the stability and comfortable glide it offers.

The Helium’s medium aspect ratio suits everyone no matter your size and level, and remains way more playful that other high aspect ratio foils.

Super-fast take off with an efficient pumping, the Helium extreme stability will help correct your mistakes when working on your transitions.

It delivers smooth and effortless accelerations with fantastic carving abilities inherited from the Kujira.​

The Helium range

Front wing 1200

Extremely agile and playful

The Kujira Helium 1200 is a super maneuverable wing, it has an incredibly predictable lift and plenty of glide, perfect for fun carving and playing in the waves. You’ll be impressed with its top-end speed and the forgiveness experienced. For a large range of use, wing riding with the 1200 is extremely addictive.

Large range of use: light to strong wind, small to big waves, beginners to pros, flat to waves

Front wing 1500

Lightweight, versatile and robust

The Kujira Helium 1500 is a real game-changer for new foilers, seasoned riders and anyone who’s looking for that one foil that does it all; wing riding in all conditions, prone foiling, SUP foiling, and downwind riding.
• Impressive early take-off and huge glide
• Stable and intuitive to control, capable of maintaining altitude at super
low speed
• Feeling of auto-stability makes it extremely easy to learn new
• Fits the full range of riders, from lightweight to heavyweight

Front wing 1750

A real light wind session saver

A real light wind session saver
The Kujira Helium 1750 is perfect for entry-level and progression, and a real light wind session saver in under 15kts for intermediate to freeride experts.
• Great power control, playful and fun for all levels
• Easy progressive takeoff and good acceleration without too much lift
• Very easy to handle and tolerant, perfect for beginners and progressing
• Excellent performance in light wind, fast in the turns and extremely stable.

Back wing 218

The 218 stabilizer will make the foil feel softer, locking it laterally and giving it more lift while facilitating maneuvers.

Kujira Foils