Takuma wings


Dynamic and playfull

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Smooth and balanced

From 447 €

Designed to enhance performance and sailing skills

Rarely does a watersport emerge and create such a rapid buzz. Wingfoiling is the thrilling fusion of kiting, windsurfing, and surf foiling that's capturing the attention of all water sport enthusiasts. Its simplicity, quick learning curve, versatility in all locations, and safety make it highly appealing to newcomers.
As a pioneering foil brand, Takuma has been at the forefront, setting new industry standards and inspiring others to follow suit. With the increasing popularity of wingfoiling, we have made significant functional improvements to our wing offerings, designed to push the sport's evolution and elevate your riding experience.
Our wings boast a compact mid-aspect ratio outline and rounded tips, making it easy to keep the wing out of the water and ensuring consistent drive with a direct feel. Every panel has been methodically crafted and strategically positioned to distribute load and adapt to varying tensions, extending their wind range and lifespan.
Through precise profile control and perfectly placed carbon center-strut handles, these wings exhibit exceptional efficiency, durability, and impeccable balance.

Key features


Takuma’s signature carbon fiber handles are designed to provide riders with superior ergonomic handling and natural body positioning. These ultra-stiff traction gripped handles offer responsive steering through a direct connection with the wing, resulting in enhanced power delivery and upwind performance.

Comfort & Control: Elevate your experience with our front handle's progressive angle and ergonomic oval grip. Together, they create a pivotal axis for precise, effortless transitions and maneuvers.

Intuitive Handle Placement: Our extended rear handle, designed parallel to the strut, enables intuitive hand adjustments. Simply slide along the handle, eliminating the need for constantly switching between traditional loop handles.

Transformative Design: Positioning the wing higher and further away from the body is an ease, transforming sailing trim during a usually contorted ‘toe-side’ stance into an effortless riding experience.

Seamless Transitions: The wing's natural pivot offers a seamless transition from hand to hand, making it a breeze to hold while surfing, jibing, or tacking.

Efficiency & Grip: Reduce arm fatigue and strain during freeriding, enhance grip during jumps, and maintain full control while surfing. Our handle grips deliver superior control through every maneuver, with no delays or flex.

Your Adventure, Elevated.


Providing extra tension throughout the airframe, these wingtip battens increase overall stiffness and resist flex under intense pressure.
The Power tip battens broaden the wind range of each wing, increasing profile rigidity and leading edge torsional resistance.


These lightweight mini battens prevent trailing edge twist and eliminate detrimental leech flutter. Each batten is systematically placed to maximize trailing edge stability and extend the longevity of the wing.


Nano-X coated canopies offer the best resistance to elongation, also known as “bagging”, which allows the wing to keep its shape over time. Ultra-resistant to stretching, this featherweight, high density material can withstand significant load and adapt to extreme tension.


Two independent valves enable improved regulation of leading edge and center strut pressure. These high flow valves easily allow for super-fast inflation and deflation. The screwless pump adaptor simply fits into the valve, offering the most efficient and reliable connection on the market.


The latest generation of stretch-resistant double rip-stop laminate on the trailing edge panels have been meticulously integrated to prevent profile deformation. With a focus on durability and longevity, the robust trailing edge plays a crucial role in maintaining optimal tensions and extending the lifespan of the wing.



Dynamic & playful

The eye-catching Tanji wing is

the perfect fit for riders seeking a playful and exhilarating wing experience. Unleashing an impressive amount of power while maintaining exceptional agility, the Tanji offers remarkable acceleration, taking your top speeds and personal records to new heights. The Tanji’s lightweight feel and rapid maneuverability makes it the ideal choice for mastering new tricks and techniques. Whether it’s freeride, freestyle, or surfing, this wing does it all. Sporting a visually unique multi-panel canopy design, the Tanji not only stands out but also boasts exceptional durability and a significantly increased resistance against stretching or bagging. With optimized window placement and an unparalleled ability to pump and accelerate, the Tanji is the ultimate sail for navigating aggressive angles upwind and even smooth journeys downwind. Ensuring total control with locked in carbon handles, this wing is perfect for launching off the water and into the skies. In all conditions, the Tanji showcases incredible efficiency, elevating your performance to the next level.


Smooth & balanced

A masterpiece of aerodynamics

the RS leads the newest generation of wings to revolutionize the freeride experience. Unlike other wing sails, the RS offers a seamless flying experience without the need to overly sheet-in or constantly adjust. Once your hands are in position, the RS effortlessly takes control and leads the way. With exceptional balance, neutrality, and stability, the RS sets the new standard for freefly wings. Its well-positioned profile offers a predictability that allows you to luff the wing endlessly on downwinds, have smooth acceleration control on windier days, and even unlocks flight on even the lightest wind days. Designed to cater to all skill levels, the Takuma RS unleashes rapid progression, instilling confidence, flow, and comfort from your first surf or downwinder, to even your first jumps.