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We build our hydrofoil boards with a balanced rider weight distribution on the foil as our primary design goal.
To achieve optimum rider body posture when foiling, we apply our design principles consistently across our whole range through an appropriate volume distribution and optimized foot location.
Our foil boards' distinctive form decreases drag for a smooth takeoff, provides amazing turning and carving capabilities, and enables you to attain top-end speed in complete control.
The foil is felt and controlled by the rider most effectively.

Prone boards

The design of prone boards has undergone a significant alteration.
We have created the ultimate prone surf foil board which has been designed with the utmost symmetry and rigidity for the best prone riding experience: the Morning Sun.
Take your prone board surfing to its most with this fanatic prone foil board for sale.

Wing foil boards

Our wing foil boards for sale are the ideal all-purpose wing foiling boards to further your wing riding abilities.
We offer a range of three different wingfoil boards:
The BK offers an amazing wing foiling experience if you're seeking for a more accommodating ride for your workouts.
The CK Carbon foil board surfing series offers an astounding blend of agility, stability, and speed with exceptional response and control.
The Takuma AIR offers an unmatched performance from a wing foil board inflatable that offers the same benefits as its rigid predecessor and represents a breakthrough in foil board technology.
Incorporating all our extensive knowledge and skills in foil and wing board windsurfing designs, we have developed the perfect foil boards wing surf that will satisfy all rider’s requirements.