Efoil Academy

We are thrilled to present the Takuma eFoil Academy, an initiative launched by Cyril Baize, founder and chief instructor of the Okwide eco-tourism and multi-activity leisure base on the banks of the Saint Cassien lake in Montauroux, to unify the learning process and guidelines of eFoiling globally.

eFoiling is a relatively new sport that is growing rapidly and attracting lots of newcomers. While we are stoked to see more and more people discovering their passion for this exhilarating sport, there are currently no global standards in place when it comes to the teaching process for eFoiling.

In practice this means that different schools and centers can give you totally different information about equipment, technique and the proper and safe behavior in the water. Since eFoiling can be risky it is important that everyone operating an eFoil has an up-to-date knowledge on how to operate the craft and behave while out on the water. 

The schools and centers working under the Takuma eFoil Academy certificate guarantee eFoiling sessions with a trained professional according to standardized guidelines, ensuring to give you the best experience possible, teaching you all the necessary know-how about an eFoil and preparing you to eFoil safely on your own.

Apart from different courses on eFoiling, each school and center certified by the Takuma eFoil Academy has special rewards in place should you choose to buy an eFoil after your classes.

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