Takuma is 
 destined to be 

Illustration: Takuma’s shirt transforms into Tanji wing

 Unleashing the 
 within him...

 he masters 
 the wind with the 
 strength his Tanji.

Illustration: Takuma does a wing foil jump with the Tanji wing

 he masters 
 the wind with the 
 strength of his Tanji.

 Allowing him to 
 keep his playful 
 spirit alive.

 Dare to be 

Stand out on the water with this unique design, heavily inspired by the Japanese culture.
The perfect fit for riders who are looking for playfulness during their wingfoil sessions

 carbon handles

Angular for an ergonomic riding position
Quick response steering
Extremely comfortable, anti arm fatigue

Tanji’s wing angular carbon handles

 Tanji's strength 

Tanji’s design is not only visually unique but provides the wing with outstanding endurance. The squared fabric composition of the wing is constructed out of a multi-panel canopy which increases the resistance against stretching and augments the wing’s durability significantly.

Picture naming the different parts of the Tanji wing

 Trailing edge 

Provide extra tension and improved reactiveness.


The multi nano coated panels are more resistant against stretching and increase the wing’s durability.

 elliptical outline 

Delivers a consistent drive combined with direct feel and more responsive handling.


Centralized windows for improved visibility.