Takuma Kujira Helium​

A foil suited for everyone


A foil for everyone,
for all levels,
for all disciplines,
for any conditions

The Kujira Helium is the most versatile performance foil currently available on the market. Upon using it, the first sensation that will strike you the most is the stability and comfortable glide it offers.

The Helium’s medium aspect ratio suits everyone no matter your size and level, and remains way more playful that other high aspect ratio foils.

Super-fast take off with an efficient pumping, the Helium extreme stability will help correct your mistakes when working on your transitions.

It delivers smooth and effortless accelerations with fantastic carving abilities inherited from the Kujira.​

The Helium range

Front wing 1200

Extremely agile and playful

The Kujira Helium 1200 is a super maneuverable wing, it has an incredibly predictable lift and plenty of glide, perfect for fun carving and playing in the waves. You’ll be impressed with its top-end speed and the forgiveness experienced. For a large range of use, wing riding with the 1200 is extremely addictive.

Large range of use: light to strong wind, small to big waves, beginners to pros, flat to waves

Front wing 1500

Lightweight, versatile and robust

The Kujira Helium 1500 is a real game-changer for new foilers, seasoned riders and anyone who’s looking for that one foil that does it all; wing riding in all conditions, prone foiling, SUP foiling, and downwind riding.
• Impressive early take-off and huge glide
• Stable and intuitive to control, capable of maintaining altitude at super
low speed
• Feeling of auto-stability makes it extremely easy to learn new
• Fits the full range of riders, from lightweight to heavyweight

Front wing 1750

A real light wind session saver

A real light wind session saver
The Kujira Helium 1750 is perfect for entry-level and progression, and a real light wind session saver in under 15kts for intermediate to freeride experts.
• Great power control, playful and fun for all levels
• Easy progressive takeoff and good acceleration without too much lift
• Very easy to handle and tolerant, perfect for beginners and progressing
• Excellent performance in light wind, fast in the turns and extremely stable.

Back wing 218

The 218 stabilizer will make the foil feel softer, locking it laterally and giving it more lift while facilitating maneuvers.